I’m finally recovering from Thanksgiving.  Every year, I eat entirely too much and then ask myself why did I do that.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  More importantly, I hope that people who do celebrate Thanksgiving actually took the time to give thanks.  Really, those of us who are saved should be giving thanks daily, because he (God) brings us through so much every day.  This time of year though, we should really reflect on the grace of God and how good he has been to us.  I know he has been good to me.  I thank God that my children are healthy.  I thank him for giving me a sane mind and full motion of my limbs.  I thank him for placing me in a career where I am happy and wanted.  I thank him for shelter, food and transportation.  I’ve been trying to look over the material things I’ve accumulated through God’s blessings and thank him for the necessities of everyday life that I have when there are lots of people who don’t have them.  Lord, continue to show grace and have mercy on me, my family and my peers.  In Jesus name…Amen.  Peace and Blessings…ya dig!