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We believe transformational health, hormone support, and immune support are integral parts of our whole-body health. Each of these facets contributes in a unique and powerful way to our overall well-being.

Somaderm Topical HGH Gel

Growth hormone is a single-chain peptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland. This is the hormone that helps you grow during childhood, hence the word “growth”. GH reaches its peak around the age of 20 and begins to plummet around age 25. Thus, the dreaded aging process begins as, this hormone slowly declines for the rest of your life.

Growing isn’t the only thing GH is good for. Many experts say that supplementing growth hormone levels when you are older can bring them back to levels you had in your 20’s. Some people experience the following benefits in as little as two weeks. An increase in GH is associated with:

  • An increase in endogenous HGH up to 800%*
  • An improvement in length and quality of sleep*
  • An improvement in bone and joint health*
  • An increase in lean muscle and reduced fat*
  • An improvement in mental cognition and clarity*
  • An improvement in sexual vitality*

How does M*L*T work?

M*L*T is a groundbreaking and effective new weight management tool, designed as a convenient, powerful, and delicious solution for your transformation. M*L*T leverages clinically studied ingredients to help you manage weight and protect your lean muscle. So, whether your goal is weight loss or workout-driven, this naturally sweetened, premium drink mix is the only supplement you need for weight management, hydration, and increased focus! Through utilizing your body’s key processes, M*L*T’s ingredients help promote healthy metabolism, weight loss, increase cellular energy efficiency, help reduce appetite, improve carb tolerance, and more!

Metabolic | Lipotropic | Thermogenic

  • Protects body’s lean muscle to fuel fat burning efforts
  • Supports various youthful metabolic processes
  • Utilizes MCT’s to burn fat for fuel
  • Supports natural transformation processes like fat utilization
  • lipid and glucose metabolism.
  • Energy production results in the creation of heat.
  • M*L*T supports various fuel creating process to burn more fat.

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