Hardworking, loving, single father. After my wife and I split some years ago, I fell into the usual role of paying child support and having my kids on weekends. This situation took some getting used to because I was used to having my children under my roof. I was accustomed to putting them to sleep and waking them up. Anyway, while shopping yesterday evening I overheard a conversation between two guys about their children. One guy (African American probably 30 years old) was saying he didn’t understand why he had to pay child support and let his kids visit him. It should be one or the other. The other guy co-signed in agreement with him. I immediately began thinking, are they serious. To me, that is a disgrace. Children need fathers. To a single mother, the child support dollars should definitely help, but shouldn’t be the only interest the child’s father has. I believe I’d go crazy if I couldn’t see my children. I know they’d go crazy if they couldn’t see me. I want to encourage men, in particularly, black men, to not only support your children but take care of them (when possible) and love them dearly. I try to spend time with them when I can, pray and attend church when I have them and openly communicate with them so they won’t be scared to talk to me. It’s my duty to be a leader and role model for them. I pray that all young families who face the unfortunate situation of separation continue to support and love the children. It’s not their fault. More than that, it’s not hard if you love them. I work full time and run an entertainment company and still make time for my children. If I can do, you can do it…ya dig. Peace & Blessings!

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  • I agree. Children need more than just financial support or a daddy to take them to Chuck E. Cheese every other weekend. Single fathers should not get into the habit of thinking that just because their children don’t live with them, that it relieves them of being a father to their children. I readily pay my child support. I see my children every other weekend. I live in Houston – they live in Lake Charles, LA. When I’m here in Houston, I call them during the week as well. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t want a pat on the back for it either, because its something I’m SUPPOSED to do.

    What fathers have to realize is that the decisions they make today will affect their children in the future. Children are very observant and take on quite a bit of our habits. I want my children to take on the habit of being a good parent to their children.

  • Life is a funny thing…Full of uncertainties…For the past 5 months, I have literally been swept off my feet. I honestly thought being swept off your feet was a myth or fairytale, until now. I recently engaged into a new relationship by accident. Fighting this good feeling, I tried to discount having a new Love interest. Ironically, I am a Lover of Love. But Love has failed me so many times, I didn’t want to chance getting hurt again. Well needless to say, I have been bitten by that infamous love bug. I can’t believe it feels so good. Remember on ‘Coming to America’, Eddie Murphy was so happy in Love….he had to sing…(very loudly). Well that is how I feel every second of every day. It has definitely been all “Gum Drops & Lollipops. This time last year….I was giving up on love….Now I am living off of it…..Life is a Funny Thing…..

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