What is work in the church? Why should you work in the church? How do you benefit from work in the church? Why do I have to go to church? These are several questions people saved and unsaved have asked me. I personally believe that just as much as the church is a place to find strength, love, worship, praise, a message from the Lord and basically learn and practice your faith, it is also a business. dscf3603The church has a Pastor or “president”. It has deacons, trustees and council or “board of directors”. The church has members or “investors/customers”. It also has musicians, ushers, media technicians or “employees”. The church has an owner which should be God and a CEO which should be Jesus. Alright, enough comparison, I believe you get my point. I said all of that to say, the church needs workers, dedicated workers. I believe God will bless those who serve in his house.
I am a multi media technician at my church, Jordan Grove MBC. I receive great joy when we provide CD’s, DVD’s and Audio Cassettes of the service directly after the service. Most members buy them to keep for future reference or to give to someone who may benefit from the message. I’m confident in saying that ushers, musicians, Sunday School teachers, nurses or other “employees” of the church are not only dedicated as I am but also receive the same joy in doing their duty. I’ve also come to find out that if you are busy in the church, you tend to be there frequently.


Personally, I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with not going to church, especially if you gather with 2 or 3 more people(when 2 or 3 gather…God is in the midst…) somewhere. I just feel that being amongst a larger crowd of like minded believers who most likely go through the same trials and tribulations, can not only help them but help you as well. I think in Hebrews it says something about not “forsaking the gathering” also. Well, enough about work in the church, gotta get back to working my 9-5. Peace & Blessings!

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