I began to reflect on things that happened this week.   God is so good.  I was blessed to see another year of life.  That makes 33 of them now.  My career situation is intact and is growing and improving daily. More importantly, God has allowed me to do something that truly enjoy doing.  I have this internal feeling of joy that no one  can take away.  What is extremely pleasing to me is that those around me are also experiencing positivity.

My boo Kim is healing rapidly from her surgery.  She continues to grow in the Lord and always supports me and my endeavors.  I went to a video shoot for my brother in the ministry O’Quinn Saturday afternoon.  God is using him in a phenomenal way.  Later I went and had fellowship with my brother in Christ Christian Man for his birthday and we had a great time in the Lord.  Following that my other brother in the ministry H2G and I sat down in the car for what ended being almost 3 hours talking and ministering to other.  Its good to have people in your life who will pray with you when you are down, celebrate with you when you’re up, correct you when you’re wrong, and always approach things from a Godly perspective.  Sunday evening I went to celebrate with my brother Trinity on his 7 year marriage  anniversary.

I woke this morning thinking how awesome God is and how in some supernatural way all of my joy was intertwined with those around me.  I asked myself why is that and how could I continue it?  Those who know me know that I work at my church and so I rarely get the opportunity to sit and hear a sermon.  Yesterday I grabbed a CD of the service to listen to later.  I popped it in this morning on my way to get breakfast before work.  Pastor talked about…the ripple effect and how things you do effect other things and people in either a negative or positive way.  I found that interesting because it explained the feelings and thoughts I was having.

I’m recommitting myself right now to continue to focus on positivity and the things of God.  I must continue to walk in righteousness and be what God has called me to be. You reap what you sew.  Positivity breeds positive experiences.  Pastor went on to compare life  to a pond of water and how when things happen in the water, it creates a ripple that affects other things in the water.  It may bring them closer or push them away.   My question to you is…how does your ripple affect the people around you? Is it pushing them away from God or drawing them closer? Does your life generate ripples of positivity and blessings?  Will your ripple help me or hurt me? Think about it.  Examine your situation and those around you. You might need to make some changes…#JustSayin

If you can, comment below and let me know.  Thanks!  Oh yeah… #HaveMercy coming soon…