Poetic Prophet - Have Mercy mixtapeLadies & Gents, Brothers & Sisters, the release of my latest mixtape, #HaveMercy, is rapidly approaching. I went in on this one too, you know how I do. It was interesting though because this year has been crazy. God has truly been showing himself to me. I’ve had tons of ups and downs in 2012. I count it all joy. Making music is a way for me to release…kinda like leaving it at the alter, knowamsain.

Anyway, I basically chose several radio tracks that I liked and begin writing to them. Then, it seemed like God turned on a switch inside of me and I couldn’t stop writing. It seemed like I was writing a verse everyday. You might remember when I first started the mixtape. The whole thing began falling into place. You know how God do when you operating according to what he has for you, everything just seems to work out right.

It wasn’t until I recorded the first song for the mixtape, Young Ones, that I decided on the title #HaveMercy.

I’m thinking about doing something private for the release of it…like have some family and friends over and we all cPoetic Prophet - Have Mercy mixtape back coverhill out and jam it. I have been asked more than once if I’ll do a release concert. I’m really not sure, what do you think I should do?

I have alot features on here too. Christian Man came by and gave me a track he made and then dropped his verse on it. The song is called Back Sliders. My brother RIFICA came by and went in on a track called Witnessing. It’s also on his Death of Me mixtape. My sister Ameera came by and we did a crazy remix to Beyonce’s Party. My homie and church member Franklean came by and we killed Nicki’s Beez In The Trap. My youngsters, A1, came and represented too. Them boys, Mo Like Christ came through and we remixed Drake’s HYFR.

My brothers Trinity, Educator and Immortal blessed me with songs from their recent projects that I was featured on to include on the mixtape too! I’m trying to tell you, this just might be some of my best work. Real talk.

If you want to hear a few tracks I’ve released already, check out Blessings, Young Ones and Praise.

Anyway, find out for yourself. Be sure to stay tuned so you can get the download link when I release it. The easiest way to make sure you get it is to subscribe to my mailing list on the right. When it releases, you get the download link sent right to you. Don’t worry, your email is safe.