“Bars” was a song inspired by Sway’s, Five Fingers where the artist he is interviewing gets a chance to drop some bars over some familiar tracks. It was also an opportunity for me to try and display some lyrical skill while delivering the message of the Savior. The lyricism in Christian Hip Hop is always presented with bias opinions. Some feel that since the subject matter is of Christ, the content and delivery can be weak and the song still be good. Some feel as if there shouldn’t be any competition about who “goes the hardest”. Others feel like it is the music business and everything should be analyzed from the quality of the production and sound to the lyrics and presentation.

I believe that first and foremost, the message must be clear. Secondly, why not want to kill the song? I grew up standing on the corner freestyling trying go hard as I could. Lastly, it should sound good so people will continue to listen to it.

So…with that, check out BARS. Some of it is freestyle and the rest is a combination of bars I had in my head. I lined the tracks up and hit record. Check it out…coming soon on the #NowOrNeverMixtape.