I know…I know…I know…Highly Favored volume 3 just came out….but lately, I’ve been feeling crazy inspired to write. So, I’m about start working on a new mixtape project. This will be a simple mixtape, meaning, I won’t go spending money on production like I did for the Highly Favored album. I’m going to use instrumentals from songs that you hear on the radio. So far, I’ve got Motto, Moment 4 Life, Lotus Flower Bomb, Dance and Devil In A Blue Dress. It will likely between 10-15 tracks with 2 or 3 coming from Highly Favored v3. I’ll record it at my studio. I will reach out and have some features. I’m also thinking about anyone who I feature, will have to freestyle on another track. Hopefully at the end of the project, I’ll have an all freestyle song with my brothers in the ministry.

Now, with all that said, I need a title. I have a few ideas in mind to go along with the concept, but I’m interested in what others may think. Feel free to share thoughts. Thanks!