Okay…so I usually keep my political comments to myself…but in light of the debate I watched twice the other night and the upcoming election…I figured I point out a couple of things that affect me, my family and lots of people I know.

Romney stated he would trim down the size of government by cutting federal programs.  He hasn’t detailed which programs except for PBS and Obamacare so far.  I began researching to find out what those federal programs are.  Unfortunately, these are the programs that lower middle class and people in poverty depend on.Obama 2012

  • Do you know anyone getting SNAP benefits (Food Stamps)?
  • How about Medicaid?
  • Have you used Neighborhood Centers before?
  • Do you know anyone on Housing?

Now, I will say that alot of people using these fed programs shouldn’t be.  They are misused and abused.  Everybody knows someone selling food stamps.  I don’t think misuse condones eliminating the program.  I think better training for state workers and maybe some adjustments on the approval process would be sufficient.

Now, Romney did say he would cut taxes for the middle class.  One way he mentioned was by making the income you receive for long term saving non taxable. Things like 401Ks and mutual funds.  The issue I have with that is that most people who make under 50K a year don’t even have a 401K, long terms capital gains or mutual funds anyway.  What really got my attention, was on the first debate when he spoke about cutting tax deductions.  We must understand that there is a huge difference between “cutting taxes” and “cutting tax deductions”.  Just like with federal programs, I began researching the Romney/Ryan tax plan.  The deductions he wants to cut are the ones I need and most people I know  need.  What tax credits are those Chuck?  I’m glad you asked.  The American Opportunity tax is a tax credit for higher education.  He wants to get rid of it.  The child care credit.  Finito.  Gifts to non profits. You know…offerings and tithes that you can claim when filing your taxes…bye bye. This is the one that really got me though…the Earned Income Credit (EIC).  He wants to end it.  Without that one, I wouldn’t get a refund.  In fact, I’d have to pay.  Cutting those is essentially raising taxes.

See The Tax Policy Center

See Washington Post

Lastly, he wants to reduce federal government by giving more power to the state government.  Well, that really sucks for a young man like myself residing in Ft. Bend County Texas.  I make too much for Medicaid and my employer doesn’t offer insurance.  Ft. Bend doesn’t have an insurance program like Harris County.  I can’t go and get a “gold card”.  Enter Obamacare.  Yes!  Wait, wait, wait…Rick Perry denied it in Texas.  Financially, times were tough and I could’ve used some help.  Enter President Obama’s stimulus plan.  Yes! Wait, wait, wait…Rick Perry denied that too.  I don’t think letting the state government have that much power is good.  Soon, people will be going to other states just to get insurance.  Lucky for me, better yet a blessing for me, my wife’s employer has insurance (thank you Sweetie).

All I’m saying is, don’t buy into the hype Romney/Ryan is selling.  Unemployment is getting better.  My job is hiring and so are plenty of others.  President Obama did kill Bin Laden.  He did end the war in Iraq.  Troops are coming home.  Banks are lending again.   Do I agree with everything he says or does? Of course not.  I totally disagree with his views on gay marriage.   I don’t understand why he didn’t approve of the pipeline being built.

True, he didn’t complete everything he originally campaigned about.  That’s why he needs another term.   Are you registered to vote?  I hope so because its too late now if you’re not.  Will you vote?  Will you let your voice be heard? You have nothing to complain about if you don’t participate.  There is still work to do.  I’m riding with him…4 more years…

wrote this post, and I approve this message.