I was blessed to grow up in a neighborhood where everyone knew each other.  My mom still stays there.  You meet these kids in elementary school not knowing that you would also attend junior high and high school together.  I said that to say that I’ve developed a close nit group of people who I can truly call friends.  Obviously, there’s a ton of associates and individuals I’m cool with but there is about 17 who I can really call friends.  Now, we have our ups and downs but at the end of the day….that’s still my n****.  I know someone said you can count true friends on one hand and in most cases that’s probably true.  I’ve been blessed to have friends that I consider brothers.  Friends are dependable.  Friends care.  Friends don’t lie to you no matter what it is.  Friends will tell you no sometimes.  Friends take care of your family when you aren’t available.  Friends don’t hate on you.  Sometimes friends are closer than family.  So…to quote the legendary Whodini…Friends, how many of us have them?