It’s Serious In Mo City

MoSerious Entertainment is an organization committed to improving the culture through digital marketing, multimedia, podcasting, music, film, fashion, networking, and youth mentorship.

Mission Statement
Use God given gifts and talents, hardwork and dedication, to provide high level services and products that represent the culture.

Vision & Purpose
Create a network of businesses, partnerships, and organizations designed to empower one another, uplift the community, spread information, and generate wealth. Develop a company and brand that bridges the gap between the streets, entertainment, and the corporate world that provides a platform for all to express themselves.

Executive Team
Charles Lewis – President, CEO, Visionary, Artist
Jayson Turner – Vice President, Engineer, Artist
Kimberly Lewis – Accountant, Notary

Company History
MoSerious Entertainment was started by Charles “Chuck” Lewis in 1990.  As a resident of the Houston suburb, Missouri City, or Mo City for short, him and his friends began calling the area MoSerious. As time passed and they entered high school, they began rapping, making videos, graphics and doing marketing. They were generating a small buzz locally and he decided to call the promotion company, MoSerious Entertainment.

Years passed and most of the crew went separate ways, started families, businesses and etc. By this time, Chuck was doing Christian hip hop under the name Poetic Prophet and had converted MoSerious Entertainment to a full record label and promotions company. Old friends Jayson, George and Frankie became artists and entrepreneurs creating different non-profit organizations, musical projects and other ventures under the MoSerious brand.

Currently, MSE is a multimedia and marketing firm specializing in digital marketing, podcasting, graphic design, and audio/video production.  There is an entertainment division focusing on creating inspirational vibes with rap music, films, singers and more.

MSE is headquartered in Missouri City, Texas on 2234 in the Wells Fargo Building.


Charles Lewis

Charles Lewis

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Specialist, Podcast Host & Producer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor | Poetic Prophet
Jayson Turner

Jayson Turner

Vice President
Educator, Minister, Engineer | JT da Golden Child
Charles Baker

Charles Baker

Podcast Host, Producer
Juvenile Justice, Youth Mentor, Sports Enthusiast,