Church Website Development

All churches must update and adjust to the ages.  If your church intends to grow and engage the members beyond Sunday service, it must be active digitally.  Does your church have a website? Is it updated with the latest pictures, events and news about the church?  Does it feature information about the Pastor and other church leadership. Does it clearly communicate your churches beliefs?

We’ll visit your church, take new photos and record new videos of services happening and interviews with members. You provide us with copies of the church teller or programs along with any other church information (pastor bio, church history, ministries, etc…) and we’ll design and develop your new church website.

Church Online Giving & Mobile App Creation

Does your church allow members to give online?  Can they schedule auto tithing, or give to various groups like social services, youth ministry or mission groups?  

We are partners with an app development company that specializes in church app development.  We will use the same information used to build the website, and create an app that will allow members to share information, make prayer request, watch live streams and of course, give offerings and tithes.

Church Website Management

We’ll meet with your church either monthly/bimonthly (depends on needs) to retrieve updated church information (photos, events, news, etc..) and update your website, email list, mobile app and social media profiles regularly.

Contact us to discuss a marketing package for your church.