Every company has a desired action they want website visitors to take.  This is a Call To Action (CTA). Usually, businesses have multiple calls to action on the website.  Some of the typical CTA’s are:

  • Call Today (XXX-XXX-XXXX)
  • Free Consultation (web form: Name, Email. Phone, etc…)
  • Join Our Newsletter
  • Download Our Ebook

After determining what action you want the websitors to take, we’ll create goals.

Goal Completions

Goal Completions, also called Conversions, are the amount of times the website visitor took an action that we want on the website.  Google Analytics refers to them as “Goal Completions”. After determining what your “goals” are, we work to increase the amount of goal completions you receive.   

Our on page optimization includes creating the proper CTA’s (calls to action) that leads to quality goal completions.