Organization Overview
MoSerious is an organization committed to promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through marketing, multimedia, music, film, fashion, and youth mentorship.  The service offerings are geared towards assisting small/medium size businesses, schools and non-profit organizations.

Mission Statement
Use God given gifts and talents, hardwork and dedication, to provide a high level of service that satisfies the customer and represents Christ.

Vision & Purpose
Develop a company that bridges the gap between generations while delivering services that allow us to provide for our families and contribute to Kingdom Building.

Executive Team
Charles Lewis – President, CEO,
Charles, mostly known as Chuck, has over 15 years experience working with with Digital Marketing Agencies in Houston. 

Jayson Turner – Vice President, COO
Jayson, also known as JT, has over 20 years of audio engineering experience. 

Andy Ikeakor – Director of Outreach
Kimberly Lewis – Controller 

Company History
Mo Serious was started by Charles “Poetic Prophet” Lewis, also known as Chuck, back in 1990. As a resident of the Houston suburb, Missouri City, or Mo City for short, him and his friends began calling the area Mo Serious. As time passed and they entered high school, they began rapping, making videos, graphics and doing marketing. They were generating a small buzz locally and he decided to call the promotions…Mo Serious Entertainment.

Years passed and most of the crew went separate ways, started families, businesses and etc. By this time, Chuck was doing Christian hip hop under the name Poetic Prophet and had converted Mo Serious Entertainment to a full record label and promotions company. Old friends Jayson, George and Andy became artists and entrepreneurs creating different non-profit organizations, musical projects and other ventures under the MoSerious brand.

Digital marketing was Chuck’s day job.  He worked from 9am to 6pm for several different internet marketing agencies (Pop Labs, eWebResults, MARION).  In 2019, he left MARION, and added Digital Marketing as a service to MoSerious.

Currently, MSE is a media company specializing in digital marketing and  audio/video production.  There is an entertainment division focusing on leading others to Jesus Christ using everything including rap music, praise dancers, film, singers and more.  The NPO’s continue to serve under privileged youth in the Houston area.

2019 & Beyond Plans
MoSerious is currently looking for a location in the Missouri City area to  establish a physical location.  Future plans include a gymnasium, theater, retail storefront, private offices and a conference space.  

Continue to support MSE with your prayers and patronage. Thanks so much and God Bless You!